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Bosch High Pressure Pumps

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Genuine OE High Pressure Pumps

Bosch High Pressure Pumps come standard on the majority of diesel vehicles, providing superior performance and durability.

Key Features

  1. Built with Bosch OE components
  2. End of line testing using the exact OE test specifications
  3. Guaranteed to provide OE performance and meet all emission specifications
 bosch InjectionPumpLft 800

Frequently Asked Questions

 1.  What are the key causes of high pressure pump failures?

 The key cause of high pressure pump failures are:

  1. Poor fuel filtration
  2. Fuel contamination
  3. Incorrect installation

Always follow the engine manufacturer's maintenance procedures.

 2. I found a cheaper high pressure pump online. Can I purchase and have my diesel mechanic install it?

 If you are purchasing your own high pressure pump, you should purchase from a reputab