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Bosch MAF Sensor

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Mass Airflow Sensors

Bosch is an original equipment global leader in mass air flow technology. Bosch Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensors ensure low levels of harmful emissions with greater fuel efficiency and improved engine performance.

Key Features

  1. OE Technology provides the correct function and calibration to ensure trouble-free operation and emission compliance
  2. 100% new product; not remanufactured
  3. Sensor and housing are calibrated and sold together ensuring precise sensor reading and optimal engine performance
  4. Guaranteed to match vehicle requirements for performance, drivability, fuel economy and emissions
  5. Can provide up to 20 percent better fuel consumption
  6. Backed by Bosch Warranty
Bosch MassAirFlow4 800


Frequently Asked Questions

 1. What vehicles does Bosch manufacturer Mass Air Flow sensors for?

Bosch is the Original Equipment manufacturer for a wide range of vehicles. Coverage is extensive between Asian, European, and Domestic applications. Premium Bosch Mass Air Flow Sensors are offered to a broad range of the independent aftermarket for both late model and older vehicles.

 2. What are possible symptoms of a failed Mass Airflow Sensor?