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Bosch Zexel Mico Nozzles

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Bosch Nozzles are designed to withstand the heavy demands of today’s diesel engines. On average, a diesel nozzle fires 1,000 times per minute, so precision and durability are important features. Each Bosch Nozzle is engineered for exacting precision and durability, to deliver a long, reliable service life for consistently superior diesel engine performance.

Key Features

  1. Hydraulic grinding, an exclusive Bosch process, employs a special abrasive medium to round the edges of the spray hole inlets
  2. Precision-drilled spray holes measure exact fuel delivery, providing optimum power with minimum emissions
  3. High alloy and chrome steel construction assures maximum durability
  4. Needle-to-body gap for proper hydraulic performance
  5. Dual-angle needle design ensures a precise contact point for positive sealing and optimum performance
 bosch nozzle 800

Frequently Asked Questions

 1. When should you check/replace the nozzles?
  There could be an issue with the nozzle if you are experiencing the following:
  1. Increased smoke development (especially with cold starts).
  2. Increased combustion noise when the engine is cold.
  3. The engine is running rough despite being warm