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Do what you preach


Obet has been helping vehicle owners, fleet operators and diesel calibration shops for many decades -- using equipment and special tools developed by diesel injection pump and injector manufacturers BOSCH and ZEXEL (formerly Diesel Kiki).

For those who want to (1) upgrade their existing diesel calibration shop, (2) extend the range of services of their existing engine repair and rebuilding business...and (3) believe in the fast-growing opportunities in diesel, Obet would only recommend the equipment and tools that he himself trust and use in his workshops...every day.

Automotive technology advances at a rapid rate. Worse, competition grows at a MUCH faster rate. Your average gasoline or diesel vehicle would have electronic engine management (plus electronic transmission control, anti-lock brakes, etc.). Five minutes away your shop, you could have as many as 4 to 7 competitors offering the same old services. To repair the gasoline and diesel vehicles of today, you need professional BOSCH workshop equipment.

Stay ahead of the competition

Invest on BOSCH equipment. Owning superior BOSCH equipment now has never been so easy and affordable.

Benefits include:

  1. Complete Gas and Diesel workshop equipment packages. Start operation from day ONE. Reliable and durable. Proudly wear the BOSCH Service badge.
  2. Portable smoke emission and vehicle diagnostic units. Test and troubleshoot vehicles anywhere. Go where the money is!
  3. Flexible. Coverage for MOST European, American, and Asian/Japanese (including the latest Toyota, Nissan, Isuzu, Honda) vehicles.* Never worry about lost opportunities again.
  4. Always ready. Dont stop after finding the problem. Repair the problem! With the Service Information System (SIS), you will not be dependent on hard-to-find vehicle service manuals.**
  5. German-quality support. Reliable, “always here” support level from both Robert Bosch and Diesel King. Comprehensive user training programs regularly offered at available.

eps EPS. Diesel System Testing
  1. EPS 708 Commonrail
  2. EPS 815 Mechanical to Commonrail
  3. EPS 619 Mechanical to Electronic
  4. EPS 200 Commonrail injectors
  5. EPS 100 2-spring injectors
  6. EFEP 60/67H 1-spring injectors
  7. Diesel Set
  8. Injector Flow Gauge

  KTS. Engine Management
  1. KTS 200
  2. KTS 540
  3. KTS 570
  4. kTS 340
  5. Adaptation Cables

bea-2 BEA. Smoke Emission Analyzers
  1. BEA150 Diesel
  2. BEA350 Gas and Diesel

engineanalyzers FSA. Engine Analyzer
  1. FSA720