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Bosch EPS 619

Heavy Duty Injection PumpTest Bench for Your Workshop

The 12-cylinder Bosch EPS 619 test bench offers adequate drive power, high torque with even-running characteristics and exact speed control for accurate testing of mechanical and electronic1 in-line and distributor-type diesel injection pumps.

Perfect for those wanting to (1) upgrade their existing diesel calibration business, (2) extend the range of services of their existing engine repair and rebuilding shop...and (3) who believe in the fast-growing opportunities in diesel.


When we invest on new equipment and upgrades, the intention is always to “future proof” our business. A true partner, we always present practical and affordable equipment packages that we are sure can be recovered fast and will give you comparative advantage – Having what the market needs that only you can offer in your area. You will be buying not only the (1) equipment, but also (2) very important test data, (3) complete product repair training, (4) technical support that has no equal, and as an acccredited Bosch Service workshop, (5) excellent Bosch marketing support. In short