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Bosch EPS 815

Universal Injection Pump Test Bench

The 12-cylinder Bosch EPS 815 test bench offers accurate testing of mechanical and electronic1 in-line and distributor-type diesel injection pumps, and commonrail pumps and injectors.

diesel EPS815

Test virtually all brands of diesel pump and injectors!

Conventional system
  1. H-type pumps
  2. R-type pumps
  3. A-type pumps
  4. M-MW-type pumps
  5. P-type pumps
  6. VE-type pumps
Solenoid-valve-controlled system
  1. VP 29-type pumps
  2. VP 30-type pumps
  3. VP 44-type pumps
Unit injector / unit pump system
  1. Unit Injector-P
  2. Unit Injector-N
  3. Unit Pump
Common Rail System
  1. CP1, CP2, CP3, CP Delphi / Denso / Siemens
  2. Solenoid valve CRI Bosch / Delphi / Denso
  3. Solenoid valve CRIN Bosch
  4. Piezo CRI Bosch / Siemens / Denso


The forward-looking design of the test bench allows diesel specialists to test high-performance components of the latest generations both from Bosch and other manufacturers. This is guaranteed by the add-on capacity of the EPS 815 with for example: MGT/KMA, VPM 844/CRS 845/CRI 846/CAM 847, CP 1/2/3/CRIN and external systems

The specifications of the automobile manufacturers and the statutory emission regulations are observed. In addition, the testing of future diesel injection components will be guaranteed by the permanently improved versions of optional accessories.

  1. Environmental and user-friendliness is achieved by means of a reduction in oil gas and oil mist.
  2. Outstanding true-runnin