Esi[tronic] 2.0

Service and Technical Data, Electronic Part Catalogue, Wiring Diagrams, Diagnostics Software

The software for diagnosis, technology, maintenance and service.

The new ESI 2.0 software contains much more than just control unit diagnosis. The SIS troubleshooting instructions reliably guide you, step by step, to the cause of the fault. All of the infomation is required for maintenance and service is available at the vehicle immediately, and there is also extensive coverage of body electric circuit diagrams.

Program works with Bosch KTS diagnostic devices: KTS520, KTS540, KTS570, KTS340.

Find out below which software package will suit your work enviroment best. 


Information category
Basic install disc, DVD1 for 2012.
A, D0
DVD2 for 2012.
B C, D1, D2, E, F,K, M, P, S, W
DVD3 for 2012
Archive DVDs
The Archive enables you to view  archived microcards. It is the same DVDs since 2002.
C, K, W archive data for old  vehicles,   English or German language only
* Note: DVD1 must be installed first if you want to add DVD2, DVD3


An overview of the ESI[tronic] offer:

ESI[tronic]-A Vehicle equipment

The information base for your workshop. The directory of Bosch vehicle equipment and comparisons with vehicle manufacturers.

With ESI[tronic]-A, you have access to approximately 27,000 cars, 15,000 commercial vehicles, 5,700 motorcycles and 8,000 tractors and special vehicles. As a result, you achieve a market coverage of 95 % for Bosch vehicle equipment for the Western European vehicle market. You will also find comparisons with vehicle manufacturers.

ESI[tronic]-D Diesel spare parts

Info on diesel-driven generating sets by the No. 1 original diesel supplier. Bosch diesel-driven generating sets, comprehensive and in detailed quality.

With 34,000 spare parts lists and over 380,000 parts, ESI[tronic]-D is the most extensive catalogue of Bosch diesel products. Identification of the spare parts is often only possible with exploded views. These are accessible here in a clear form with subassembly assignment, complete spare parts list and order number by mouse click.

ESI[tronic]-E Electrical spare parts

The complete overview of electrically driven generating sets and spare parts. Bosch electrically driven generating sets, comprehensive and in detailed quality.

With 15.000 spare parts lists and over 383,000 individual parts ESI[tronic]-E is the most extensive catalogue for Bosch electrically driven generating sets. With vehicle electrical systems, exact identification of the individual parts is often only possible with the appropriate exploded views. You will find clear detailed drawings of the generating sets with the appropriate spare parts lists and order numbers in a flash on ESI[tronic]-E.

ESI[tronic]-F Spare parts archive

Interesting for older products. Great ease of working for your workshop.

ESI[tronic]-F contains archives of older spare parts lists in the fields of electrical, diesel and pneumatic systems.

ESI[tronic]-C Diagnosis and repair on the vehicle

The basis for a successful service business, help get the job done more quickly.

ESI[tronic]-C provides extensive information on troubleshooting for engine management in petrol and diesel vehicles as well as for passenger car brake systems and convenience systems from Bosch and other manufacturers. In this connection, all the information for important diagnosis applications is available in the workshop.

Contents of an ESI[tronic]-C:

  1. SD (Control unit diagnosis software) Links the Bosch test equipment or a workshop PC to information from the control unit
  2. SIS (Service Information System) SIS troubleshooting instructions can also be used on a standard PC
  3. CAS[plus] Links the SD control unit diagnosis, SIS troubleshooting instructions and URI measured values

[How SIS works]

ESI[tronic]-M Vehicle Mechanics

For mechanical work in the workshop. Clear advantages through a complete overview of all mechanical work in all areas of the motor vehicle. The same technical data like in Autodata software!

  1. Technical vehicle data for petrol and diesel vehicles
  2. Wheel adjustment data for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles with specifications and tyre pressure tables
  3. Maintenance plans for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, inspection periods and maintenance illustrations
  4. Timing belt: Instructions for dismantling and installation, graphics showing TDC marks and change intervals for timing belts
  5. Maintenance illustrations with lifting platform locating points, oil filler and drain plugs for the gear box and rear axle, guide support of the V-ribbed belts

ESI[tronic]-P Vehicle wiring diagrams for convenience electrical systems

Get it done fast. And your garage always has the right wiring diagram.

ESI[tronic]-P not only offers you detailed wiring diagrams but also the associated component list with complete component designations for over 60 vehicle manufacturers, 550 model series and 7,000 vehicles with over 822,500 wiring diagram assignments and 22,800 complete wiring diagrams.

ESI[tronic]-K Component Repair Instructions

For diesel-driven and electrically driven generating sets. Component Repair Instructions are a useful extension for all areas of diesel and electrical equipment.

  1. Repair instructions, service information and service messages for components from all areas of diesel, e.g. diesel injection pumps, as well as electrical equipment, e.g. starter motors and generators
  2. Any new information for the repair of diesel and electrically driven generating sets which has become available since 1998 is published only in ESI[tronic]-K
  3. Direct interaction with the information of ESI[tronic]-D and ESI[tronic]-E, e.g. spare parts, and the ESI[tronic]-W Diesel test values

ESI[tronic]-W Diesel Test Values

Test values for the diesel specialist. Test values and more for diesel-driven generating sets.

ESI[tronic]-W allows you to display and evaluate the measured values of a test procedure as required by mouse click. Actual values are compared with reference values and values outside the tolerance are displayed on the screen in red. If required, the actual values can be used to calculate the average value and the resulting variation. The data is clearly set out and variations and tolerance overranging are documented in a measured value report.

ESI[tronic]-B Work Units & Repair times

Plan effectively with work units, working times and standard working times. Repair times always securely under control.

ESI[tronic]-B provides you with more than 4.5 million work units and more than 8 million additional texts for around 10,000 of the most popular cars and vans. The work units are clearly arranged in a standardized display, no matter which vehicle manufacturer is concerned.

Clear advantages for the preparation of quotations and workshop capacity utilization:

  1. Beneficial to the workshop as a result of the clearly arranged and standardized representation of work units of the various manufacturers
  2. Customer orientation as a result of a quick statement about repair times and labour costs
  3. Provision for the future as a result of individual setting of the hourly charging rate and currency as well as euro display Workshop-oriented

ESI[tronic]-S Vehicle Service and inspections

All the information at a glance.

  1. Complete extents of service work and inspections, repairs of wearing parts
  2. Precisely defined contents for standard service with no. of components and working times
  3. Fixed price calculation
  4. Transfer of all contents to existing enterprise resource planning systems

ESI[tronic]-TD TecDoc Data

Additional equipment ranges under the ESI[tronic] user interface.

Tecdoc provides the vehicle spare parts market with up-to-date comprehensive data for the identification and order of parts for cars and commercial vehicles.

  1. Extension of the parts basis through Tecdoc data – completely integrated into the ESI[tronic] user interface
  2. List prices supplemented on Tecdoc basis
  3. Price interfaces for the input of workshop-specific prices


  • Operating System:
  • Windows XP 32bit
  • Windows Vista 32bit (x86) and 64bit (x64)
  • Windows 7 32bit (x86) and 64bit (x64)
  • Windows 8/8.1 32bit (x86) and 64bit (x64)


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