VLH 2235H Two-Post Lifter

Hardly any other equipment in the workshop is used as often as the lifts. For inspections of the vehicle's underbody, brake repair and a lot more. The lift raises the vehicle to an ergonomic height, thus making repairs easier to carry out.


Bosch lift meets the highest quality and safety standards, to ensure a safe and profitable use of it by the customer.


  1. Loading capacity 3.5 tons
  2. User friendly, gantry type 2 post lift
  3. hydraulic drive, with maintenance free cylinders. No wear of mechanical parts
  4. Steel rope for synchronization
  5. CE & JT/T155-2004 certification
  6. 24V operation box and IP54 standard
  7. High safety: Emergency stop button, automatic safety locks, automatic arms lock, height limit switch


VLH2235 features 1

VLH2235 features 2


Optional Accessories

VLH2235 accessories 1

VLH2235 accessories 2