BEA 850

Latest combination Petrol and Diesel Emissions Analyser

A flexible exhaust-gas measurement system with a modular design


The BEA850 is approved and equipped to meet all current and known future requirements of exhaust gas analysis on petrol and diesel engine vehicles. Natural gas powered vehicles can also be tested. The modular approach to Bosch equipment guarantees flexible upgrade possibilities for the future.

  1. Fully compatible for swipe card technology.
  2. The BEA850 can be easily upgraded with a KTS module to provide control unit diagnosis in conjunction with ESI(tronic).
  3. The addition of the FSA720 would enable complete vehicle system analysis for advanced fault diagnosis.
  4. User-oriented documentation of the measurement and diagnostics results Integration of already existing Bosch exhaust-gas analyzers Network-compatible (integration in asanetwork AWN).

Technical Data

  1. TFT monitor 17 inches: Glare-free, high resolution and with a wide viewing angle
  2. Remote control: Practical and handy
  3. Printer: With dustproof cover
  4. Engine measurement technology module: With clearly arranged mounting for all sensors and cables
  5. Diesel smoke meter: RTM430 the national standard reference smoke meter
  6. Keyboard: Mounted on a convenient foldaway tray
  7. Computer module (PC): High-performance and robust
  8. Exhaust-gas measuring module: Low maintenance thanks to long term stability
  9. Trolley: Stable and easy to move