Is it often that we meet a Filipino General Motors Company engineer? You know, GM in Detroit, Michigan? The home of the Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac!

And what are the chances that the Filipino engineer will go on early retirement and head back to the beautiful island of the Cebu to continue running his independent car service workshop?

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NINETY years after the first Bosch repair workshop opened and coinciding with the 125th anniversary of the Bosch Group, Bosch opened up a full-specification car service center in Antipolo, Rizal.


Sustaining campaign to become environmentally friendly.

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Injection pump calibration training with GM Raymond Lavides, Rhodora Teodoro, Miguel del Rosario, and Superlines service team.

Is the Check Engine lamp lit again? Do you suspect hidden problems with your Subic or Port Irene SUV?

Are you thinking of buying a used car? Tirik?!

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