Is the Check Engine lamp lit again? Do you suspect hidden problems with your Subic or Port Irene SUV?

Are you thinking of buying a used car? Tirik?!

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Computerized smoke emission testing

Caught smoke belching?

Up for renewal?

Make sure you ace that annual mandatory emission test!

 MD 56 freesmoketest w1080 2Jun23

arc auto 14ARC Automotive is not your everyday auto service center offering auto mechanical works and detailing. ARC is the acronym for Top Quality and Professional. Go figure!

Their mission, which they chose to accept (!), is to be the automotive shop that takes pride in offering the highest levels of service quality, professionalism, and above all customer satisfaction in all their works. Something that they are not having difficulty doing. It is so far the best-looking Bosch Car Service (BCS) workshop we have seen -- a model site for the BCS Philippines program.

Jimmy Nadurata of Puerto Princesa, Palawan doing advance vehicle diagnostics using the Bosch KTS.

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