Bosch Bea 350 emission test equipment for Petron's Research and Development Department in Pandacan, Manila.

bea petron 1

Free Electronic Control Unit (ECU/Computer Box) Diagnosis -- Reading OBDII Fault/Erasing fault code(s)

Is the Check Engine lamp lit again? Do you suspect hidden problems with your Subic or Port Irene SUV?

Are you thinking of buying a used car? Tirik?!

mdp scanning promo feb2012 BB

Googling Ben Flores, we found a listing for a car repair and service company in San Diego, California. Is this our Ben Flores? Not!

Who has not heard of Mang Ben Flores of Ben Calibration? The long line of trophies and plaques that fill one side of his office wall show not just an excellent marksman, BUT a person who continuously masters new knowledge and skill to remain very much ahead of the pack.

Mang Ben scanning a Toyota Fortuner for errors.



Roberto “Obet” Bernardo with son Eric. Working closely with Robert Bosch to create value, and share value.

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