Even old master diesel technicians need to get updated regularly. Change or be changed!

At the end of the day, Obet was able to use the ESI[tronic] to look for service information like repair instructions, test specifications, system information, wiring diagram, etc for new vehicles. Any serious vehicle technician should consider enrolling.

obet dg1Roberto "Obet" Bernardo at the Bosch Training Center in Kamagong St., Makati, under the tutelage of Bosch Service Manager Frederick Velasquez and Diagnostic Equipment Sales Officer Joel Alibanto. It's a special workshop on the ESI[tronic] and Electronic Control Unit (ECU) Diagnosis for gas and diesel vehicles using the Bosch KTS series ECU analyzer.

Robert Bosch Philippines recently had its 1st Bosch Diesel Forum from August 19 - 20, 2010. The two-day event kicked off at the Bosch Training Center in Kamagong St., Makati, and was concluded at Bosch Diesel Center model shop Malabon Diesel.


Before 2008, the price of having a VP44 pump repaired was somewhere between P90,000 to 120,000!!! And if the customer was truly unlucky, there's the P68,000 set of injectors that needs replacing!

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