Bosch PH preparing for green-diesel technology with 1st 'cleanroom' Featured

Malabon Diesel, which has the distinction of being the pioneer Bosch Diesel Center in the Philippines, adds another notch to its belt after having recently been certified as the first Bosch Diesel Cleanroom in the country as well.


According to Bosch, common-rail systems, particularly its injectors, "require the utmost care and sanitation of the workshop and the workers." Since the injectors are reportedly sensitive to dust, dirt and water, a clean environment is required in the mounting and dismounting of the assemblies, and during tests and repairs, thus the need for a cleanroom, "a laboratory with a specially designed environment that is isolated from the other dependencies of the workshop."

"A few years ago, Bosch invited us to see the Cleanroom concept," said Malabon Diesel president and general manager Robert Bernardo. "It is a very complicated system with highly technical specifications. Deciding to build a cleanroom in our workshop is truly a big investment in time, money, equipment and electricity, but all of it is worth it because it ensures the best service is given to our clients. Establishing the first Bosch Cleanroom in the country shows how far we have come along as a company. We are very proud to bring this Bosch technology to the Philippines as we move toward the age of clean and green engine technology."

To create the Cleanroom, Malabon Diesel had to adapt new basic procedures for the removal, installation, repair and breakdown investigations of diesel injection systems. In the cleanroom, all processes of assembly, adjustment, measurement, electronic testing and documenting of failures--especially microscopic damage--are done by skilled personnel expertly trained to work with injectors. Equipped with top-of-the-line equipment that ensures the proper diagnosis and repair of injectors, Malabon Diesel's cleanroom filters all irritants, assuring customers of the excellent service and conditioning of their common-rail injectors.

"By investing in the cleanroom, we are making sure that our clients are provided with the best technology to meet their demands and needs," Bernardo added.

Malabon Diesel, by the way, is located in Caloocan, not Malabon (just in case you're wondering).


Click here to see the technical specs of the Bosch Cleanroom facility.