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Whats in it for you

Do you know that in 2010, there were 1.68m gas and 1.51m diesel vehicles registered in Philippines, of which 1.27m gas and 500k diesel vehicles operated in the capital?

Just imagine being able to competently service even just a small, small 0.001% of the 6 million (including 3m motorcycles). You will have a workshop that is full to capacity, has quick repair turnover, efficient people and happy customers -- A now reachable dream of every serious workshop owner.

Malabon Diesel is a proud Bosch Diesel Center. We are only too happy to invite you to join the small Bosch PH family too -- as a Bosch Express Car Service (ECS), Bosch Car Service (BCS), or Bosch Diesel Service (BDS) workshop.


the Bosch Service Concept

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This is the key to a successful workshop, and a strong partnership to support the business. Benefits include:


Corporate Identity

As a member of the Bosch Service network, you'll be able to take advantage of the corporate signage material, branded, practical work wear and quality stationery, which are all part of the distinctive identity that Bosch created for the program - and are all designed to help you project the right image and reflect your professional approach.

Technical Support

As advanced vehicle technology rapidly becomes 'standard' on modern cars, even the simplest of service activities will soon bring your garage technicians into direct contact with electronically controlled systems.

By covering all you need to build skills and keep pace with these developments, the Bosch Diagnostics program offers your business important benefits across four key areas:

  1. ESI[tronic]software. All the technical data and information you need to properly repair and test vehicle parts and systems are at your fingertips. A range of technical software that covers parts identification, vehicle equipment listings, trouble shooting instructions and diagnostic information.
  2. Test Equipment. What better way to test Bosch vehicle parts and systems than using equipment made by the manufacturer? From the smallest workshop essentials to engine management and diesel test equipment, you are well covered "in. under. around."
  3. Service Training. A