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Care of Diesel Engine


Bulletin Today, February 19, 1982
by Roberto C. Bernardo

(The author is general service manager of Malabon Diesel Injection Service Center of the Philippines, franchised holder and official servicing agent in the Philippines of Diesel Kiki Co., Ltd. of Japan. He has had extensive training with the Japanese firm, largest maker of injection pumps in Japan and NO. 3 in the world. With his know-how in diesel engines and 15 years' experience in servicing injection pumps, he has conducted seminars for fleet owners and PCMP members and their dealers.)

press-release-rcb-1982-feb19bFuel injection equipment, which include the injection pump, is a combination of complex mechanical devices consisting of several hundreds of parts. It is auxillary to a diesel engine and the engine is part of a system.

The author will not attempt to involve the readers in a complex narration of facts but rather try to give the readers of diesel users some pointer on how to better enjoy the use of diesel- fueled- engines by giving tips on the care of the most sensitive part of the engine – the fuel injection equipment, including the injection pump which has been called the heart of the engine.

Here are some diesel engine care tips:

For excellent diesel engine performance, fuel oil of good quality shoul be used. Bad fuel tends to degrade the engine as well as the nozzle and injection pump in the injection system.

The nozzle plunger, and delivery vave are lubricated by the fuel oil so that if the fuel oil is not good, it accelerates wearing