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What you are getting from a Reman

Features   Benefits
Full disassembly and cleaning; Evaluation of pump, governor and feed pump’s internal parts.   to guarantee OE quality, performance and durability.
Surface lapping of each critical component   to ensure pressure sealing of sub-assemblies.
100% o-ring, gasket and oil seal replacement    to ensure proper sealing and a leak-free  pump.
Cam Phasing/Prestoke Adjustment/Injection Timing   to ensure that the injection pump timing will be synchronized with the engine’s timing.
Bosch-audited/calibrated Zexel 20NP/15NP, or Bosch EPS 619.   2 hours of testing to (1) simulate engine requirements on fuel delivery at full load, max/rated speed, idle and starting; and (2) internal pressure.
One Year, UNLIMITED mileage 5-star warranty   for peace of mind