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Malakas sa krudo? Mausok? Walang power? Tirik?

Huwag matakot. Correct and affordable repair of electronically-controlled injection pumps for Subic and Port Irene diesel vehicles.


That Japan-domestic or Korean vehicle of yours most probably have our brand on it. Fully-equipped with repair equipment for ZEXEL Computed VE Pump Control (COVEC) pumps.

Have peace-of-mind. Whether its a regular daily drive to the office, or an exciting long distance weekend trip with the family, you will never go wrong with Malabon Diesel.

Sulitin ang advantage ng advance na diesel.

Ipagawa mo na!

One model before the VP44 pump of the Nissan Patrol and Isuzu DMax, the most advance in fuel-injection control for diesel passenger cars was the COVEC (Computed VE pump Control). It is a state-of-the-art microprocessor-controlled diesel fuel injection system that provides vehicle performance and comfort to rival gasoline-powered cars.

That car, van or SUV of yours have an array of high-tech sensors continuously monitors engine and driving conditions. And an onboard microcomputer processes the information for ultra-precise injection control. Plus, COVEC employs an advanced electronic governor to achieve remarkable improvements in engine speed control.


This system provides more precise engine control, better fuel economy, cleaner exhaust emission and low power engine noise. Advantages of electronic control include:

  1. Higher engine output
  2. Reduced fuel consumption
  3. Shorter warm-up period and better cold-temperature starting
  4. Better acceleration response and pedal feel
  5. Reduced idling noise
  6. Automatic cruise control (constant vehicle speed)
  7. Automatic idling control

And because driver convenience is also important, the COVEC permitted the vehicle manufacturer to include additional functions like:

  1. Self- diagnosis/backup function
  2. Cruise control


What you are getting from a Reman

Features   Benefits
Full disassembly and cleaning;  Evaluation of resetting kit, drive shaft, timer, housing bushing, feed pump; Replacement of closing plug, driveshaft and feed pump.   to guarantee OE quality, performance and durability.
Surface lapping of each critical component   to ensure pressure sealing of sub-assemblies.
100% o-ring, gasket and oil seal replacement    to ensure proper sealing and a leak-free  pump.
Bosch-audited/calibrated Zexel 20NP/15NP, or DieselKiki 10NP/5NP bench testing with COVEC Controller</