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Who has not seen the Zexel Skyline (also known as "White Angel" ) that dominated the All Japan Grand Touring Car Championship (JGTC) in the 90s?

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Zexel (formerly Diesel Kiki Co., Ltd) was the biggest Diesel Fuel Injection System manufacturer in Japan - with a product portfolio that included.... test equipment, airconditioners and reefers, differentials, navigation systems and airbags.

We are happy to have had the opportunity to represent the brand in the Philippines for decades. The partnership taught us many things about correct repair, OE quality standards, relationships and commitment.

So, what do we offer?


More than five decades of relevant experience in Diesel Fuel Injection Pump and Injector service.

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The young Roberto circa 70's.

Since the time you bought your first diesel engine for your first jeep, to the time you upgraded to your first brand new diesel truck, Obet and his team at Malabon Diesel have been using and sharing their knowledge of diesel fuel injection pump repair and maintenance to keep every vehicle in your fleet running smoothly.

Times changed, and the increasing cost of fuel and introduction of modern high-pressure diesel injection systems have created a new requirement – for very sophisticated, high precision test equipment, the expertise of properly trained diesel specialists, special tools and a high degree of cleanliness in the diesel workshop.


Only ONE Diesel Center can correctly repair ALL ZEXEL fuel injection pumps and injectors.

Factory-authorized service for all ZEXEL and Bosch in-line and distributor type pumps, and Common Rail Direct Injection (CRDi) systems used in passenger, commercial and industrial vehicles and equipment.

Superior diesel pumps like the VP44 for Nissan Patrol/Urvan Estate/Isuzu DMAX/MAN/Volvo, CP1, CP2 and CP3 for new BMW, Volvo, Hyundai, Kia and Ford vehicles, COVEC for “Subic” models, and TICS for your Isuzu Giga, Fuso, Hino and Nissan Diesel.


  1. Common Rail pump
  2. Common Rail injector
  3. In-line pump type HD/MD-TICS
  4. In-line pump type M
  5. In-line pump type MW
  6. In-line pump type RE-EDC
  7. Distributor injection pump COVEC 
  8. Distributor injection pump VE
  9. Distributor injection pump VE EDC
  10. Distributor injection pump VP29/30/44 
  11. Distributor injection pump VRZ
  12. Hydraulic electronic unit injection HEUI
  13. BEA (Smoke Emission) and KTS (ECU) diagnostic and measuring equipment
  14. EPS (Diesel System) test equipment

Component repair for:

CP. Common Rail Pump
CRI. Common Rail Injector (passenger cars)
CRIN. Common Rail Injector (commercial vehicles)
UP. Unit Pump
UI. Unit Injector
VE. Distributor-type injection pump
VP. Radial-piston injection pump
RP. In-line pump

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