BEA 150

Diesel Emissions Analyser for passenger cars and commercial vehicles – D.E.N.R. certified

bea 150

BEA 150 – for emissions testing on diesel engine vehicles (car, van, truck).

The handy, portable smoke opacity meter module RTM 430 is attached in a space saving way to the rear of the vehicle.

 It is distinguished by:

  1. Extremely fast measurement (response time)
  2. High service life of measuring chambers
  3. Swift, simple maintenance thanks to magnetic fasteners
  4. Optimum flow technology of the smoke opacity module – designed with the latest simulation programs
  5. Can be updraded with the exhaust-gas module to a complete emissions-testing station (BEA 350)
  6. The handy, portable RTM 430 smoke opacity measuring module is mounted on the back of the trolley to save space.

Scope of delivery

  1. Operator and display unit
  2. PC keyboard
  3. Trolley
  4. Software sequence: German
  5. Vehicle database
  6. Connecting cable B+/B–
  7. Oil temperature sensor, passenger car
  8. Smoke opacity measuring module incl. passenger-car hose and sensor
  9. IR remote control
  10. Upgradable to BEA 350

Special accessories

  1. OBD (On-Board Diagnosis)
  2. Exhaust-gas measuring module
  3. NO
  4. NO2
  5. AWN

bea emission analysis brochure.pdf 1.08 Mb