T4 HCV Truck Bus Battery

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The T4 battery, with Full Frame technology, supplies all running applications in heavy duty vehicle operations that require a normal level of energy – even with the engine shut off or in instances of frequent discharge.

Bosch t4 800

Key Features

  1. Long service life and improved deep-cycle resistance compared to conventional batteries
  2. High starting power: reliable starting even after extended idle times
  3. Absolutely maintenance-free
  4. 6-months replacement warranty
T4 Mega Power HCV Truck Bus
No Part Number Description  
1 0986A00386 N100 – 100Ah  
CCA 730. Dim 410x175x235. Term A. Lay 1. BHD B7
2 0986A00388 N120 - 120Ah  
CCA 820. RC 220. Dim 505x183x240. Term A. Lay 1. BHD B7.
3 0986A00389 N150 - 150Ah  
CCA 950. RC 300. Dim 508x222x241. Term A. Lay 1. BHD B0.
4 0986A00391 N200  – 200Ah  
CCA 1130. 

Specifications: Nominal Capacity - Amp Hour after 20 hours. CCA - Cold Cranking Amps @ -18C (BCI/SAE). Reserve Capacity in minutes. Dimension LxWxH in mm. Cell Layout. Terminal type. Battery hold-down


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Full Frame technology?

Full Frame technology provides the Bosch Batteries with the perfect structure to perform reliably in heavy-duty applications. The negative Full Frame grids enhance efficiency of current flow and resist vibration damage for trouble-free service. The positive Full Frame grids direct more current to the terminals to deliver maximum starting power. Designed to resist plate growth, self-discharge, and corrosion for extended life.

2. What type of protection is offered against battery acid leakage?

There's no leaking battery acid or corrosion damage with these batteries — even when operating on slopes. The solid battery design prevents changes to the mechanical structure, even when subject to extended periods of vibration. The result is a constant, safe, and reliable power supply.

3. What kind of starting power and re-charging capabilities do Bosch Batteries offer?

Bosch batteries provide very high starting power. In fact, they supplies reliable starting even after extended idle times. They also provides faster re-charging capabilities compared to conventional batteries.

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