EPS 625

Heavy Duty 12 cylinder pump test bench for your workshop

Powered by a 18.5 kW electrical drive, the EPS 625 is equipped with measuring glass technology for testing pumps with up to 12 cylinders.

eps 625 1 w1024

Para sa mausok, malakas sa krudo at low power na diesel car, AUV, SUV, pickup, van, truck, heavy equipment at generator.

Repair 90% of all diesel vehicles and equipment in the Philippines. The most practical way to start or upgrade your diesel calibration business.

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  1. Bosch EPS 625 conventional pump test bench
  2. Basic kit for conventional pumps
  3. ISO 4113 Calibration Oil
  4. Installation, commissioning and user training on operations and maintenance on-site


  • A-Pump kit
  • P-Pump kit
  • M/MW-Pump kit
  • VE-Pump kit
  • H/R-Pump kit


  1. LOCAL warranty from BoschPH and DieselKing - Bosch-authorized equipment service dealer
  2. FREE technical support service within warranty period
  3. Enrollment to the following official Bosch certificate training courses:
    • BD-1. Basic Diesel
    • EP-1. Inline Pumps with Mechanical Governors
    • EP-2.1. Inline Pumps with Mechanical Governors 2
    • EP-2.2. Zexel Mechanical Governors
    • EP-3.1. Distributor Type Fuel Injection Pumps
  4. DieselKing will facilitate your accreditation as a Bosch Diesel Service workshop

Your ticket to diesel testing technology

The test bench features measuring glass technology, an electronically controlled stroke counter, and automatic test oil heating. Rotational speed, stroke rate, test oil temperature as well as actual values for testing are shown on a 5.7 inch LCD display.

By using the EPS 625 universal component test bench, powerful conventional inline and distribution injection pumps, both from Bosch as well as other manufacturers, can be tested. As a result, the specifications from the engine and vehicle manufacturers can be maintained. Thanks to its robust and easy-to-use technology, the EPS 625 is a cost effective and long-lasting investment for the workshop.

Features and Benefits

eps 625 1 w1600

  • Universal component: For testing conventional inline and distributor pumps from Bosch and other manufacturers
  • Large flywheel mass: For excellent and even running characteristics
  • Removable cover panels and modular design: For easy servicing and maintenance
  • Variable frequency converter drive: For high torque at lower speed ranges
  • 50-litre calibration test oil tank: For time efficiencies
  • Emergency stop buttons and anti-backlash coupling: For safety and accuracy
  • A perfect entry-level choice and solution: For economic capital and ongoing costs
  • Configured for Philippine use


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