DCI 700 Commonrail Injector Tester

The Bosch DCI 700 diesel test bench is future-proofed through its new measurement system that has the latest injector technologies for testing all car and commercial vehicle systems, including those with Needle Closing Control (NCC) and Valve Closing Control (VCC).

dci 700 1c w1024

Designed with the future in mind. Test commonrail injectors up to EURO 4, EURO 5, EURO 6 and CRIN 4.2.

Super efficient. Test four injectors in less than 15 minutes.


  1. DCI 700 Commonrail Injector test bench
  2. ISO 4113 Calibration Oil
  3. Installation, commissioning and user training on operations and maintenance on-site


  • Bosch CRIN Accessory kit for light and heavy commercial vehicles
  • CRI 3rd party kit to test CR injectors of Denso, Delphi, VDO-Continental, Siemens
  • CRIN 4.2 kit


  1. LOCAL warranty from BoschPH and DieselKing - Bosch-authorized equipment service dealer
  2. FREE technical support service within warranty period
  3. Enrollment to the following official Bosch certificate training courses:
  • EP-6.2. Bosch CRI (Commonrail injector)
  • CRS-1. Common Rail System Component
  • DG-1. ESI[tronic]/ ECU Diagnosis with KTS

Features and Benefits

The DCI 700 offers you and your workshop super-efficient testing with its short mounting and testing times, which enable four vehicle injectors to be tested in less than 15 minutes.

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Designed for the operator to stand at the bench without having to bend to connect the injectors is one of the many ergonomic features that make the DCI 700 so easy-to-use.

  • Ergonomic and intuitive design: For easy operation
  • Short mounting and testing times: For supreme efficiency
  • Test all cars and commercial vehicles: For versatility
  • New technology: For futureproofing the equipment and your requirements
  • Adjustable screen: Each operator can set height and angle of the screen individually
  • Faster, more accurate test measuring: For more precise outcomes in terms of adjustments to injectors
  • Online updates: Keeping you up-to-date with current test specifications
  • Bright, dazzle-free workspace lighting: Giving great visibility of leaks whilst also being easy on the operator’s eyes
  • Clear and accurate results: Demonstrate your expertise and service level to customers with a printed test report (printer optional)
  • No need for high-pressure hoses: To reduce service costs
  • Configured for Philippine use

dci 700 3 w1600

Stay way ahead of the competition. Invest only in Bosch diagnostic and repair equipment. Owning superior Bosch equipment now has never been so easy.


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