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Correct and affordable repair of ZEXEL VRZ pumps for Mitsubishi Pajero (aka Shogun, DiD or CK).

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When your pedigree SUV feels sluggish or wont start, you know the drill.

The Mitsubishi Pajero first saw the light of day 25 years ago – and the Pajero CK first hit the streets of Manila in 1999.

Available locally as a long-wheel-base five door model, this big boy also comes in a 3-door Japan-domestic version often found in local car auctions.

pajero-big-2003Need to make a quick getaway? The Pajero, with a 3.2 liter diesel engine and ZEXEL VRZ fuel injection pump, can reach a top speed of 170kph. It weighs more than three tons, but the nine-time Dakar Rally-winner already proved its enormous pulling power which casts it as the genuine article in a world of soft-roaders and cute 4x4s.


What makes the VRZ special?

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With radial plunger position-control distributor type fuel injection pumps (called VRZ pumps), the fuel is pressurized by two radial plungers positioned axially to the drive shaft.

Fuel injection quantity and timing are precisely controlled by an electronic control unit. An electronic governor (GE actuator) utilizes position control to adjust the fuel injection quantity. The timer is a timing control valve (TVC) which utilizes duty control to adjust timing.


Instead of utilizing the previous face cam, the VRZ pump utilizes a cam ring to enable fuel injection at high pressures, making it suitable for small, direct injection diesel engines.

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This pump was developed to provide the most suitable fuel injection quantity and injection timing to satisfy the demand for engine reliability, driveability, low smoke, low noise, high output and cleaner exhaust emissions.


[1] High pressure injection
The VRZ pump can generate pressure of 85 MPa {approx 850 kgf/cm2} demanded by small, fuel efficient, high output, direct injection diesel engines.

[2] High pressure atomization of fuel injected from the nozzle
Through high pressure injection of fuel, the fuel injected from the nozzle is atomized with a high penetrating force (the fuel droplets penetrate further) and with greater dispersion and distribution (mixing with air is improved) so that combustion is improved. This contributes to cleaner emissions.

[3] Optimum fuel injection system
Control of fuel injection quantity and fuel injection timing suitable for the engine is performed electronically, enabling lower fuel cost and high output.

[4] Improved endurance
The components used in the VRZ pump are very resistant to high pressure, ensuring improved endurance.

[5] Improved engine matching
As fuel injection to the engine can be controlled for each cylinder, matching to the engine is improved.

[6] Minimize cost
As the VRZ utilizes a COVEC-F GE actuator and TCV, its cost has been minimized.

[7] Improved power performance
As the optimum fuel injection quantity corresponding to accelerator position is controlled by the GE actuator , increased torque in low accelerator pedal positions is possible, enabling improved power performance.

[8] Decreased smoke at acceleration
When fuel injection is increased to increase engine power at acceleration, smoke is usually generated by the excess fuel injection quantity, even in this range, to prevent the generation of smoke without adversely affecting acceleration.

[9] Additional devices are unnecessary
Such additional devices as the boost compensator and the aneroid compensator are unnecessary as compensation is made by the control unit based on signals from each sensor. This results in less 'clutter' around the injection pump.

[10] Self- diagnosis function
The system includes a self- diagnosis function which displays error codes to facilitate the diagnosis of malfunctions.

The following vehicle models were equipped with the most advance ZEXEL pump at the time:

Maker Series Engine
Mitsubishi Pajero, Warrior, Kin, Shogun, Canter 4M41TC, 4D33

What we offer

Remanufactured exchange VRZ pump.


  1. Item: Repair/Exchange ZEXEL VRZ fuel injection pump with NEW GE, Actuator and TCV.
  2. Warranty: Six (6) months, UNLIMITED MILEAGE*

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Give that old Pajero of yours new life.

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