BSL 2470 Booster Charger

Booster charger for professional applications

Rapid-start charger for charging and starting, including for vehicles with electronics. Electrical components are protected against damage during starts and charges (DIN 40839, interference emission level I). 

bosch bsl 2470 LVoltage selection switch for 12 V and 24 V.

Continuously adjustable charge current. Switch for exhaustive-discharge batteries. Switch for temperature-compensated charges. Charges based on WU charging characteristic. Ampere meter, 3 metre charging cable, with fully insulated charging clamps, overcharge protection.

  1. Gentle starting and charging even on vehicles with sensitive electronics 
  2. For batteries with 12V and 24V nominal voltage 
  3. Effective and battery-protecting charging through temperature compensation 
  4. Suitable for 12-volt and 24-volt batteries 
  5. For exhausted batteries 
  6. Display of operating state, charge state, incorrect polarity and malfunction 
  7. Display instrument for charge current 
  8. Infinitely variable charge current 
  9. Workshop-compatible design with robust, mobile metal housing  
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