ST EFB Battery

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Enhanced Flooded Batteries (EFBs) are built for higher performance and reliability than standard flooded batteries. They are designed to support entry level Start-Stop engines, which put greater demands on the battery.

Even for standard engines, the EFB can also be fitted to enhance starting performance and meet the ever increasing electrical demands of modern vehicles.

The EFB provides increased cyclic stability, enabling faster recovery from deep discharges. In a Start-Stop vehicle, the EFB maintains power supply to the electrical devices when the engine shuts off, and is able to restart in a fraction of a second.

The EFB satisfies all requirements that lie somewhere between conventional starter batteries and the S5 AGM.

ST Hightec EFB 360

Key Features

  1. Longer service life and double the deep cycle resistance
  2. More reliable starting even in extreme conditions
  3. Outstanding charge acceptance 
  4. Leak-proof and tilt-resistant up to 55°
  5. 18-months replacement warranty
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ST Hightec Enhanced Flooded Batteries (EFB)
No Part Number Description  
1 0092S57106 Battery Q85L - 75Ah  
CCA 660 RC 125. Dim 229x172x222. Term STD. Lay A. BHD B7.
Specifications: Nominal Capacity - Amp Hour after 20 hours. CCA - Cold Cranking Amps @ -18C (BCI/SAE). Reserve Capacity in minutes. Dimension LxWxH in mm. Cell Layout. Terminal type. Battery hold-down
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