Change: You can count on it

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Change is a tricky thing. Some people welcome it. Others don't. But one thing is certain, change is unavoidable; a part of life that one cannot escape from. And above all, it is a process. An exciting process, that is. And yes, I am speaking from experience.

Vision, mission and values


To be the preferred source for diesel system parts and services and equipment of vehicle owners, fleet operators and manufacturers.

Succession Planning - The Family Factor

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Most CEOs do not seriously start contemplating who their successors would be till...well, the 11th hour. Who could blame them? Nobody wants to think of retirement, let alone mortality, really.

But life, as we all know, is quite unpredictable. And sh*t happens, whether we're ready for it or not.

Malabon Diesel at 45 - It’s all in the family

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Horror stories of family businesses ruined by sibling rivalry and conflicts among relatives abound. Some say it is better to engage in business with somebody not related to you than be part of a family business. But then again, some actually thrive precisely because they are family-run. SC Johnson, for example, is now being run by fifth generation Johnsons.

Like any family, the challenges we tackle make us stronger. The wins we enjoy bring us together. And in everything we do, we consider our children and the generations to come.

This, more or less, seems to be the core principle of Philippine-based family-run business, Malabon Diesel.

Growing the business

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Our economy has changed the ways we do business.

Our customers are now more knowledgeable and selective in what they buy, while the level of competition is rapidly increasing. Manufacturers and service providers are either merging to survive or unloading non-core business units to achieve profitability.

Every company would need to create and renew its own competitive advantages. And every company would have a different model that depends on organizational structure and values, among other things.