Esi[tronic] 2.0

KTS w734

ESI[tronic] 2.0 with complete vehicle-diagnosis

  • Control-unit diagnosis with the latest data for passenger car, van and truck systems
  • Troubleshooting with guided search instructions
  • All data for inspection and service at a glance
  • Finding system faults quickly with convenient circuit diagrams
  • Quick access to known faults with technical service bulletins
  • Uniform vehicle identification for motor vehicle equipment, flat-rate units and component repair instructions

Universal! Diagnosis, troubleshooting, repair, and maintenance

  • High level of functionality with simple operation.
  • Accurate diagnosis ensure successful fault correction
  • Fast and reliable repairs for high levels of customer satisfaction
  • Fewer mouse-clicks, faster results: New intuitive operating and control concept for fast, simple application

Professional! Bosch know-how for the best repair quality

CAS[plus] in ESI[tronic] 2.0 achieves rapid switches between the diagnosis functions.

Up to date! Always state of the art

  • Latest vehicles in ESI[tronic] 2.0: New vehicle models are available in the ESI[tronic] 2.0 with the relevant service and repair data only six months after their market launch.
  • Continous extension of coverage and via online update immediately at disposal.


An overview of the ESI[tronic] offer:

Diagnosis and Repair

esitronic 2 diagnostics


Vehicle diagnosis

  • World's most extensive cross-manufacturer combination of SIS troubleshooting instructions and control unit diagnosis
  • For engine management systems for gasoline, diesel and passenger car brake systems – for Bosch and other manufacturers
  • Troubleshooting instructions suited to workshops, can be applied on any PC, can be linked to optimize vehicle diagnosis with Bosch test equipment
  • Modular concept suitable for individual workshop requirements
  • [How SIS works]

Technical Service Bulletins

  • Quick access to known vehicle faults
  • Clear description of cause
  • Assignment of symptoms
  • Tested repair tips

Motor vehicle mechanical systems

  • Inspection data and maintenance plans
  • Technical vehicle data
  • Wheel alignment data and inflation pressure tables
  • Removal and installation instructions for toothed belts

Convenient circuit diagrams for motor vehicles

  • Cross-manufacturer circuit diagrams for motor-vehicle electrical systems and comfort and convenience electrics represented in a standardized format
  • 866,000 circuit diagram assignments and 24,000 complete circuit diagrams
  • With zoom and printout functions


Bosch software is renowned across the world as the best diagnostic information available. In addition to the SD diagnostic software that runs the KTS platform there are other very valuable software packages to enhance your diagnostic experience.

Spare Parts

esitronic 2 spare parts


Applications and functions including automotive equipment

  • Access to around 32,000 passenger cars, 19,000 commercial vehicles, 6,000 motorcycles, 8,000 trucks, tractors and special vehicles
  • Identification by country-specific key numbers, work cards and interfaces
  • 73,000 vehicles and engines are identifiable

Spare parts of ZF Services

  • Comprehensive spare parts catalog for the brands SACHS, LEMFÖRDER, BOGE and ZF Parts
  • Comprehensive linking to vehicle-specific information for installation and removal of shock absorbers, clutches, vehicle and steering parts with the corresponding specifications regarding tightening torques, wheel geometry values, setting values and tool information

Diesel spare parts

  • Most comprehensive catalog for Bosch diesel products
  • Around 51,000 spare-parts lists with over 380,000 individual parts
  • Exploded view drawings in highest quality
  • Stepless zoom function

Electrical system spare parts

  • With 18,000 spare part lists and over 383,000 catalogued spare parts, this is the most extensive catalog for Bosch electrical systems
  • Detailed exploded view drawings in highest quality
  • Stepless zoom function

Spare parts archive

  • 1,600 spare part lists are archived for older vehicles
  • Spare part lists for electrical systems, diesel engines and pneumatics

Diesel spare parts from Zexel

  • Zexel program software
  • Catalog for Zexel diesel products
  • Detailed exploded view drawings and spare parts lists

Order and Costing

esitronic 2 order costing


Flat-rate units

  • Over 10 million flat-rate units, over 21 million supplementary texts for 16,000 of the most common cars and vans
  • Straightforward and standardized representation of flat-rate units of the various motor vehicle manufacturers in hours: minutes
  • Display in Peso

Vehicle service costing

  • Complete functions of service work and inspections, wearing part repairs
  • Default content for routine service with number of parts and labor times
  • Fixed price calculation and transfer of all content to existing merchandise information systems

TecDoc equipment

  • Tecdoc data for extension of parts basis within the ESI[tronic] system, including Tecdoc catalog prices
  • Supplement to catalog prices based on Tecdoc
  • Pricing interfaces for importing workshop-specific prices


esitronic 2 component repair


Component repair instructions

  • Repair instructions, service information and telegrams for diesel and electrical system components
  • Direct interaction of information from ESI[tronic]-D and ESI[tronic]-E (e.g. spare parts), and ESI[tronic]-W

Injection pump test data

  • Test data for around 12,000 in-line fuel-injection pump combinations and for approx. 2,000 VE pumps
  • Complete testing from data acquisition to log printout
  • All test steps are displayed in optimized order

Zexel diesel test data

  • Test data for Zexel diesel units
  • Complete testing from data acquisition to log printout

Esi with KTS 734x350 w734


  • There are two main versions -- One-Time purchase (OTP) and Annual Subscription. 
    • ESI[tronic] 2.0 SD OTP includes vehicle diagnosis. No need for annual license subscriptions. The latest software version at the time of purchase. The KTS will continuously operate on this software version. Updates can be purchased on demand.
    • ESI[tronic] 2.0 SD/SIS includes vehicle diagnosis and troubleshooting instructions. Available in one (1) year or three (3) years subscription. Data updated four (4) times per year. At our workshops, we opt for the 3 year license.
  • The following Bosch scanners can be updated using the ESI[tronic] 2.0: KTS 540, 560, 570 and 590.
  • ESI[tronic] 2.0 requires a computer with the following specifications:OS: Windows 7/10; Hardware: PC laptop/notebook platform with minimum 4GB RAM and 500MB hard drive.
  • FREE software installation. Add one (1) week after receipt of computer for ESI[tronic] software installation, activation, and testing.
  • FREE technical support service for installing and running Esitronic software, except for vehicle support
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