Zexel TICS

Malakas sa krudo? Mausok? Walang power? Tirik?!

Correct and affordable repair of electronically-controlled injection pumps for Hino, Isuzu, Nissan Diesel, and Fuso.

Ipagkatiwala lamang ang inyong injection pump sa totoong expert. Only one Diesel Center can provide proper diagnosis and calibration of ZEXEL electronically-controlled pumps in the Philippines. Fully-equipped with repair equipment for ZEXEL Timed Injection-rate Control System (MD/HD-TICS) pumps.

Sulitin ang advantage ng advance na diesel.

Ipagawa mo na!

The ZEXEL TICS technology is a response to the fleet operator’s demand for low fuel consumption, high power output and low exhaust emissions.

The TICS (or Timing and Injection rate Control System) is the world’s first jerk type pump that achieved variable injection rate control, and typifies how ZEXEL has, since the advent of the diesel engine, innovated and lead advances in fuel injection pumps. The high reliability and durability that they embody are highly appreciated qualities for marine and vehicular diesel engines, as well as other power sources.

Major advantages: (1) fuel injection quantity control, (2) fuel injection timing control, and (3) self-diagnosis and backup.


Huwag magpa-convert!

Not only is the TICS pump very different in specifications from the usual PE-AD type pump, it also requires special equipment to test and calibrate. Shops that cannot work with the electronic components offer conversions to mechanical control. Aside from being expensive (compare their P55k conversion to our P18K package*), we have not seen a converted TICS pump that worked properly.

Mapalag, mausok, humina, sakit ng ulo -- these are the common complaints after the conversion.


TICS helps provide large trucks like the Isuzu Giga and Hino Ranger Pro improved overall vehicle performance to smoothly traverse the zigzags of the Sierra Madre...at full load!

More than 300 TICS pump variants were designed by ZEXEL for almost a hundred vehicle/engine models produced world wide. Philippine assemblers were quick to adopt the technology since the mid 90’s.

Maker Series Engine
Hino Profia, Ranger, Ranger Pro, Rainbow, Super Dolphin, Blue Ribbon, S'elega F21C, J08C, J08C-K, K13, M10U-D, P11C
Isuzu Forward, Giga, Gala, Grand Royal 10PE1, 10TD1, 12PE1, 12PE1-S, 6HH1, 6SD1, 6WA1, 6WA1-TCC,
Mitsubishi/ Fuso Canter, Fighter, Great, Super Great, Rosa 10M20, 6D16T5, 6D17-1, 6D24, 6D40T1, 6M61, 6M70, 8DC11, 8M21, 8M21
Nissan Diesel Condor, Space Runner, Space Arrow, JP, 1200, 1400 FD46TA, FE6, FE6F, FE6TA, PF6HTA, PF6TA, PF6TB, RG8, RH8, RH8E, RH8F

md mdtics 17apr21

md tics1 17apr21

You will be surprised at how affordable the proper repair of an advance diesel pump can be.

Correct parts.

Fast service.

Reduced vehicle down time.

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