The science of calibration

We have been working with vehicle assemblers for half a century. And the relationship thrived on competence and trust. Although we want to invite all our partners to bring their well-loved vehicles to the workshop, geographic distance is sometimes a factor. 

When is diesel repair needed?

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  • Mausok
  • Malakas sa krudo
  • Walang power
  • Tirik

One of these symptoms is enough reason to bring your loved diesel in for a check up.

A good diesel workshop should have:

  1. correct equipment
  2. correct test data
  3. correct parts
  4. correct training
  5. access to reliable support

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We have:

  1. Zexel and Bosch testbenches, with Bosch audit stickers that says the testbench is "calibrated to correctly calibrate". There are ISO standards that Robert Bosch follows, the manufacturer of our testbenches and nozzle testers. When Malabon Diesel handled Zexel in the Philippines, Zexel Japan would send a master pump every year that needs to be ran on every testbench that we use and sold. We test to confirm if we get the same result. 
  2. test data that shows fuel delivery quantity at various engine operating levels. Each pump model has a unique operating parameter for each engine model.
  3. genuine ZEXEL and Bosch repair kits and service parts.

We disassemble and inspect your pump and injector to ensure an accurate price quote.

  • Some pumps have more than 500 parts. We need to evaluate the internals to give the best price quote. Components need careful visual inspection. Some will require testing to confirm the cause of the problem.
  • For most of our repair services, we start with the troubleshooting, overhauling and calibration charges, and the cost of the standard repair kit. We will give the best price quote after disassembly and inspection (and initial testing). If no parts need replacing, that is what you will just pay. Upfront and Fair.

At Malabon Diesel | Diesel King your equipment is handled by OE-trained technicians and mechanics using the correct equipment, test data and parts.

Each of the equipment used before, during and after repair has an important role in ensuring the high quality of service that we always work hard to give you. Especially for modern vehicles and equipment, we base our recommendations on quantitative test results, aided by our experience.

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Geographic distance becomes secondary when reliability and dependability are important to the owner and operator. This is especially true for electronically-controlled pumps and commonrail systems, and equipment used in mission-critical applications.

Padala mo na.