EPS 100 Nozzle Holder Tester

Nozzle Holder Tester

Injection-nozzle testing made easy.

eps 100 2 w1600

The EPS 100 has a well-proven design with high accuracy (+/- 2.4 bar), finely scaled pressure gauge (2.0 bar increments).

The Bosch EPS 100 makes it easy for you to test and adjust the opening pressure to nozzle holder combinations, analyze the injection spray pattern distribution, leak test and chatter properties.

Features and Benefits

  • Reduced total error (+/- 2.4 bar) to give highly accurate test results: For efficiency
  • Accurate analysis: For informing adjustments to prevent engine idling vibrations
  • Manual hand operating lever with ergonomic hand grip: For ease of use
  • Transparent fuel container with filter: For immediate visibility of fuel leakages
  • Shut-off valve to isolate the pressure gauge while operating hand lever at speed: For analysis of chatter groups
  • Must be used with EPS 738 accessory: For enabling direct extraction of the oil mist and diagnostics of injectors on conventional vehicle types.

eps 100 1 w1600