Inline Mechanical PE-A | PE-P

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What you are getting from a Reman

Remanufactured Zexel PE and Bosch inline pumps are cost-effective and meet the same high standards and safeguards as brand new PE pumps.

Every pump goes through the exact repair process that the manufacturer taught us. So meticulous, we call it "back to original".

Features Benefits
Full disassembly and cleaning; Evaluation of pump, governor and feed pump’s internal parts. to guarantee OE quality, performance and durability.
Surface lapping of each critical component to ensure pressure sealing of sub-assemblies.
100% o-ring, gasket and oil seal replacement to ensure proper sealing and a leak-free pump.
Cam Phasing/ Prestoke Adjustment/ Injection Timing to ensure that the injection pump timing will be synchronized with the engine’s timing.
Bosch-audited/ calibrated Zexel 20NP/15NP, or Bosch EPS 619. 2 hours of testing to (1) simulate engine requirements on fuel delivery at full load, max/rated speed, idle and starting; and (2) internal pressure.
One Year, UNLIMITED mileage 5-star warranty for peace of mind


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PE Pumps are now mainly used in truck and bus engines.

PE Pumps have the same number of plunger elements as the number of cylinders on the engine. One plunger for each engine cylinder, a separately attached governor and a timer.


Models A and AD are the early main types for light to heavy duty diesel engines.


Model K is generally used for small engine of tractors, farming equipment, small gen-sets and forklifts. Pump and governor housing are in one solid die-cast body.


Model Z and ZW pumps are manufactured for medium-speed, medium-sized engine. These are mainly used for vessels and stationary generator sets.


Model P is an enblocked type of injection pump. That is, the individual pumping elements are fitted onto the injection pump housing through nuts and washers.


Types of PE Pump

Type Number of Cylinders Plunger Diameter, in mm
PE(S)-K 2~4 5.0~7.5
PE(S)-A 3~8 5.0~10
PE(S)-AD 4~10 5.0~10.5
PE(S)-P 4~12 7.0~13.0
PE(S)-PD 4~6 7.0~13.0
PE-Z 4~8 10~15
PE-ZW 4~8 10~16

Pump Application

Pump Type

Engine Model


SD16, 3AB1, C190, C221, C240, 4BA1, 4BC1, 4BC2, 4BD1, 4BE1, 4HF1, 4BD1T, 4BG1, 4D31T, 4D34T, SD22, SD23, SD25, 4D95L, FD33, FD35, W04C, W06E, W04D, W06D, 6BB1, 6BD1, 6D14, 6D14T, 6D15, 6D16, SD33, SD33T, TD42, FD6, 6D95L, D500, 4DR5, 4D30, 2J, B, 2J


FE6B, FE6A, FE6T, NE6, FD6, ND6, 6BD1T, 6BG1, 6BB1, 6HE1, N, H07C, 6D105, DH100, 6BF1, EH700, EB400, DA220, 6DB10, DA640, DA120, 8PA1, 8PB1, 10PA1, 10PB1, 12PA1, 12PB1


H07D, 6BG1, 6QA1, SA6D110, 6D15, EL100, 6QA2, 6D22, 6HE1-S, 6SA1, 6SD1, 6D29, 6D21, 6D22, 8DC9, S6D10, 10DC80, 8DC7, 8DC4, 8PB1T, 8DC8


6D15T, 6D16T


PE6, PE6H, PE6T, PD6, PD6T, 6D20, 6D22, 6D22T, E120, 6RA1, 6RB1, 6SD1, EK100, ER200, EP100, RD8, RD10, RE8, RE10, 8DC8, 8DC9, 8DC10, EU700, 10DC11, EF750, S6D125, EF550


8PC1, 8PD1, 10PC1, 10PD1, 10PE1, 12PC1, 12PD1, 12PE1


S6D155, S6D170, S6D140, SA6D155


6RAL-T, SA6D170A, S6N, S12N, S16N, 6L16, 6L16X, S613, S12V18, MB820


2AA1, 2AB1, 4FA1, 4FE1


UD3, UD4, UD5, UD6