Air Filter

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Air filter – end of the line for all sorts of dirt particles

Air is constantly drawn in whilst driving to cool the engine and obtain the correct fuel mixture. The purpose of the air filter is to provide effective protection of the engine against dirt particles and thus premature wear. It also keeps the noise level down. Filter leakage and porosity lead to unmetered air entering the intake duct. And so Bosch air filters feature a particularly hardwearing polyurethane seal which is precisely adapted to the housing shape, offsets any unevenness and remains flexible and supple over the entire filter service life.

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Key Features

  1. Competitive pricing from a trusted brand
  2. Coverage for American, Asian and European vehicles
  3. Allows for strong engine protection and performance
  4. 90% Coverage
  5. 98% efficiency

What happens if the air filter is clogged?

  • Poor preparation of the fuel/air mixture
  • Reduced engine power and increased pollutant emissions
  • Higher fuel consumption
  • Increased wear caused by particles
  • Starting problems

Bosch Workshop Air Filters are designed specifically for the Professional installer market offering 90% vehicle coverage to ensure installers will always have the right air filter. 

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