Bosch EPS 205

Common Rail Injector test bench for single injector & nozzle holder

Introducing the cost-effective EPS 205 test bench to your workshop to test common-rail injectors and get immediate and precise results – no more sending out to a specialist resulting in delays for your customers.

eps 205 new cd 2 w1600

Test pressure generation of up to 1,800 bar in a realistic operating state with automatic cycling through each test point and simple menu of measurement results using this space-saving machine. Technicians will make quick and efficient work of testing and diagnosing.

eps 205 new cd 1 w1600

Features and Benefits

  • Automatic test bench: For CRI Piezo (Bosch, Denso, Siemens, Continental), Solenoid valve CRI (Bosch), Solenoid valve CRIN (Bosch), Solenoid valve CRI (third-party manufacturers), DHK/UI nozzles
  • Economical testing of common-rail diesel injectors and conventional nozzle-and-holder assemblies: Extend your workshop capability with just one test bench
  • Integrated suction device for minimal oil misting: Easy to keep the workshop environment clean and comfortable for technicians
  • Universal clamp: Quick, no-fuss clamping of all injector types
  • Clear and accurate results: Demonstrate your expertise and service level to customers with a printed test report (printer optional)
  • Built-in database: test values for efficient workflows
  • Intuitive interface: Straightforward for technicians to learn and use with confidence
  • For Philippine use

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  • Ben Calibration
  • Edmel Engine Rebuilding.
  • Edward Diesel | EDICS Calibration.