BAT 110 Battery Tester

Advanced, yet easy to use, the Bosch BAT 110 Battery Tester offers the shop an affordable tester with features not found in carbon-pile battery testers.


The BAT 110 is a rugged battery tester that uses state-of-the-art conductance technology to provide quick and accurate load-free testing of most types of 12V batteries, including AGM, standard, and maintenance-free batteries. In addition to conductance technology, the BAT 110 incorporates a temperature compensation feature to aid in battery tests results that are extremely accurate. Utilizing the test battery for power (no internal batteries to worry about), the BAT 110 can test batteries that are as low as 5.5 volts. As a voltmeter, the BAT 110 has a test range of 5.5V to 19.99V. The battery cold cranking amp test range is from 200 – 850 CCA.

This tester is also capable of diagnosing 12V charging systems and starters. For easy reference, the BAT 110 features a high and low voltage storage function when checking charging systems; and a low voltage storage function when testing starters.

The four-button keypad makes the BAT 110 a quick and simple tool to use. The large four-digit LED screen displays the voltage and CCA readouts quickly and clearly, while the three “stop-light” illuminated LED indicators show battery condition in an easy-to-read way: green = good; yellow = marginal and red = replace.

Innovative and affordable solutions for today’s automotive aftermarket shops. The Bosch BAT 110 Battery Tester – with features such as AGM battery testing capability, temperature compensation and the advanced starting / charging hold functions – is the right tool, at the right time, at the right price to help make shops more efficient and productive!


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