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How to easily send injection pumps and injectors to Malabon Diesel | Diesel King.

Sometimes, using a courier can be more convenient. Most can pick up from and deliver to any part of the Philippines. If you do not have a regular one, call us and we will ask our accredited courier to help you ship out the pump.

For your convenience,

you can just download and attach the address label for Malabon Diesel | Diesel King to the box before pick up.

But before you ship, please carry out the following procedures:

  1. Siguraduhin drained of fuel and oil ang pump at injector. This is very important as leakage during transit may delay shipping.
  2. Ilagay ang pump at injector sa plastic bag. Seal the bag.
  3. Ilagay ang pump at injector sa makapal na corrugated box gamit ang maraming insulation (katulad ng scrap “styrofoam”, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, recycled paper cellulose, crumpled newspaper) to prevent damage during transit. Sending 8 to 12 cylinder inline pumps? Consider using wooden crates.
  4. Put the Pump Checklist in the box.
  5. Fill up the address label at the right and attach to box.
  6. Call us so we can track the pump/injector, and pre-schedule the diagnosis and repair.
Click here to download the Shipping Label.
Click here to download the Pump Checklist form.
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No computer printer to make the label?

just write the info on the box:



Malabon Diesel 
Diesel King 
1GP Block16 Phase3 E1 Dagat-Dagatan Ave.,
Caloocan City 1400 Philippines
Phone +(632) 9 287 0485 | 8 287 4954

Attention: [write here the name of the person assisting you]


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