Fuel Filter

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Fuel filter - effective protection against even the smallest particles; indispensable protection for injection systems.

The main purpose of a diesel filter is to protect the injection system and engine against particles, water and other residue in the fuel. Durable seal and housing materials, optimum filter media and improved water separation all make diesel filters from Bosch the ideal solution for your car – even when running on biodiesel.

For gasoline systems, even minute particles can cause serious wear in the electronic injection system and engine of your car. To ensure optimum operation and a long component service life, Bosch gasoline filters can even remove impurities of less than one thousandth of a millimeter in size from the fuel. In carburetor engines, use is made of gasoline line filters to prevent starting problems and rough engine running. These stop the nozzles becoming contaminated.


Bosch FuelFilter 800

Key Features

  1. Dirt-holding capacity of 15 grams*
  2. Multi-layered filter media with 99% efficiency**
  3. Robust aluminum-, plastic-, or surface-treated steel filter housing designed to withstand high pressure thus offering a longer fuel filter service life
  4. Precise and reliable fuel filter connections for 100% fuel filtration

*Test based upon SAE J905 at 0.7 bar on 77041WS **Test based upon SAE J905 on 77041WS

What happens if the diesel filter is clogged?

  • Loss of power and even engine stoppage
  • Reduced or interrupted fuel supply
  • Impaired operation of fuel pump and possibly even short circuits
  • Internal corrosion in certain engine components
  • Increased wear

What happens if the gasoline filter is clogged?

  • Loss of engine power
  • Reduced or interrupted fuel supply
  • Impaired operation of fuel pump and possibly even short circuits
  • Increased wear

Bosch Fuel Filters help to protect the most expensive parts of the engine by filtering out foreign particles that can damage a fuel injector. A damaged fuel filter can result in erratic performance, poor gas mileage and in some cases, complete engine shutdown. Even the smallest particles can cause considerable wear and tear to an engine. Protecting the fuel system and the engine from harmful particles, helps to prolong the life of your vehicle. Ensure dependable and trouble-free performance with a Bosch Fuel Filter.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between an Inline Fuel Filter and a Cartridge Fuel Filter?

Bosch engineers two types of fuel filters, depending on the type of vehicle being serviced. Consult vehicle owner‘s manual before you change your fuel filter to ensure the correct one is chosen.

  • Inline Fuel Filter - These fuel filters are positioned between the fuel tank, fuel injectors and the fuel line. Various connections (dependent on the filter) are attached or are designed to trap and hold particles from entering the fuel system and engine.
  • Cartridge Fuel Filter - A cartridge-style fuel filter is positioned inside a protective housing of the fuel system. Depending on the application, this housing can be positioned anywhere from the fuel pump or near the fuel tank. The filter media pleats are exposed and used to trap and hold harmful particles.
2. How does a Bosch Diesel Fuel Filter prolong the life of my engine?

The Diesel fuel filter protects the injection system and the engine against particles such as water, dirt and other residue in the fuel that can be harmful for the important components of the fuel system. To ensure engine protection, Bosch Diesel Fuel Filters filter down to as low as 6.5 microns* which means Bosch Diesel Fuel Filters will help prolong the life of the engine.

*unless specified differently by OE

3. Why should I buy a Bosch Fuel Filter?

Bosch uses premium quality materials, modern production methods and expertise about the injection system to engineer fuel filters. Fuel filter replacement at manufacturer-specified intervals will maintain high performance and prolong the life of the engine. Avoid inconvenient breakdowns and costly repairs by replacing the current fuel filter with a quality Bosch Fuel Filter.

4. What types of Fuel Filters does Bosch offer?

Gasoline, Diesel, Inline and Cartridge Fuel Filters.

5. How do I find the correct fuel filter for my vehicle?

Although many oil filters look similar, there are many different oil filter part numbers, and each part number is made for a specific car and engine. Find your part number with the Bosch Vehicle Part Finder (Coming soon. Please visit again)

6. How many replacement fuel filters are on the road today?

Replaceable fuel filters are used in over 130 million vehicles on the road today.

7. Aren't all fuel filters the same?

No. Not all competitors use the quality materials that Bosch prides itself on using. Lower quality materials may cause more frequent oil changes which can end up costing more money.

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