Bosch cleanroom facility

The purpose

The introduction of modern high-pressure diesel injection systems has led to an increase in the demands on workshops.

Absolute cleanliness is a requirement for installing and removing components, and during testing and repairs. We need to ensure a ‘dust-free’ working environment for high pressure diesel fuel injection component repair.

Bosch PH asked us to set up a Cleanroom in Malabon Diesel for CRI/CRIN/UI/UP repair. We said yes.

Like those found in semiconductor and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, we commissioned a cleanroom contractor to build one.


Commonrail injector assembly is done inside the cleanroom. "Third-stage" repair equipment inside the room further ensure that measurements are very exact.

cleanroom b

cleanroom notice b


ISO 14644‐1 cleanroom standards

We now have a class 400 at 1 micrometer particle size clean room (Room classification between class 1,000 and class 10,000).

cleanroom standards

It is the first and only cleanroom in the PH diesel repair industry. And we are very happy that we built one for you.


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