2-spring Nozzle Holder | Injector

md dk 2spring3 17apr21

Nozzles spray atomized fuel from the nozzle holder to the combustion chamber.

2-spring nozzle holders are designed to:

  1. Reduce Nox emissions (Nitrous Oxides-Air pollutant)
  2. Reduce Noise
  3. Operate at two opening pressures - 
  • 1st opening pressure from low to medium speed
  • 2nd opening pressure from medium to high speed

What you are getting from a Reman

Features Benefits
Full disassembly, evaluation and cleaning. Replacement of new nozzle, washer and shim in each injector to guarantee OE quality, performance and durability.
Surface lapping of each critical component to ensure pressure sealing of sub-assemblies.
Bosch EPS100 testing to check pressure leak, first and second opening pressure
One Year, UNLIMITED mileage 5-star warranty** for peace of mind


md dk 2spring2 17apr21