KTS 570 Diagnostic Interface

Make Your Tests Convenient and Safe with the KTS 570 Wireless

Expect control unit diagnostics of the highest grade from the top device of the KTS family. Whether you’re dealing with a diesel or petrol powered vehicle make your tests wireless and convenient with all the functions.

Convenient and mobile with wireless Bluetooth transfer

Bosch kts 570 1024w


  1. Bluetooth Standard Class 1 with powerful and stable radio transmittance up to 100 meters
  2. Bluetooth USB Adapter by Bosch included in the delivery for convenient and easy initial installation
  3. Control and activation of the installation via the integrated software DDC, Diagnostics Device Configuration
  4. Automatic KTS module search
  5. 2-channel multimeter
  6. Optical and acoustical status ID / control of the radio link
  7. Improved multi-meter and oscilloscope measuring technology
  8. Improved signal analysis due to significantly increased sampling rate, increased image replay rate and horizontal deflection with improved resolution
  9. Higher input resistance simplifies troubleshooting
  10. Easy connection of the KTS Series to the vehicle
  11. Up-to-date and ready for the future with change adapters
  12. Clear communication via multiplexer and future cable adapter recognition: K and L line, SAE and CAN can be switched to all possible terminals on the OBD plug
  13. Intelligent adapter connection now allows safe multiplexer triggering and automatic control unit search function with SD Ident
  14. New: Change adapter integrated in the device. By changing Car- or System technology it can easily be replaced
  15. With a USB interface, the KTS 570 can be hooked up to all standard laptops / PCs

Scope of delivery

kts570 scope


  1. Power unit (15V/1A)
  2. Mains supply cable
  3. Adapter line OBD 1.5m
  4. UNI4 adapter
  5. Testing wire, twin (red, black) 3m
  6. Testing wire, twin (blue, yellow) 3m
  7. Ground cable, black
  8. Test pick, red (2)
  9. Terminal post, black
  10. Connecting line USB 3m
  11. Bluetooth USB adapter
  12. Case
  13. Mounting fixture

1 the KTS 570 can only be operated in conjunction with the ESI[tronic] software. Please ask us the many benefits of using a KTS with the latest ESItronic edition.
2 Adaptation cables for pre-OBD vehicles are available.

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