Continuous Improvement- Isuzu

Continuous Improvement is not about the things we do well — but knowing and practicing what we know works well. It is about removing the issues that get in the way of us reaching our objectives. The headaches, the things that slow us down, that is what continuous improvement is all about.


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All processes and products will show deficiencies over time. Be it an Isuzu, Mercedes or John Deere, the key is to identify and address technical issues very early in the product life cycle -- so the owner or end-user can maximize utility of the product.

And that is what (from left to right) Bosch Service Manager Frederick Velasquez, Isuzu Philippines National Service Manager Joey Bias and Roberto "Obet" Bernardo also believe in, as they discuss ZEXEL product performance for the Isuzu Crosswind.

Isuzu Philippines Corporation is the assembler and distributor of the Crosswind, DMax and Alterra.