Growing the business

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Our economy has changed the ways we do business.

Our customers are now more knowledgeable and selective in what they buy, while the level of competition is rapidly increasing. Manufacturers and service providers are either merging to survive or unloading non-core business units to achieve profitability.

Every company would need to create and renew its own competitive advantages. And every company would have a different model that depends on organizational structure and values, among other things.

It is so different now

In the 50+ years that Obet have spent developing Malabon Diesel, he has identified five factors that contributed directly to its growth: Family, Principal, Customers, Partners, and God.

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The culture or values of the family drove collaboration on this business. What was once a small project grew into a network of companies. The father and son activity became an undertaking for the whole family.

Retaining connectedness to the past while simultaneously living the vision of his father Mario is a big asset for us.


Our relationship with then Diesel Kiki or ZEXEL gave us both the opportunity for learning and access to important resources that helped us win our battles. We grew because of mutual trust, and the cooperation that came with it.

With Bosch, we will achieve more stability, flexibility, and meet high customer service requirements.


We are here to serve customers. As long as they are happy with our service, they will continue to bring good business.

Nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing very satisfied customers.


No man is an island. Obet started with just 2 guys. Now he has more "partners" to help him serve his customers. We value the contributions of each individual in this company.

We are a group that mutually shares resources, knows how to adapt to change, and respects the capacity and opinion of others.


No matter how prepared we are, we will not succeed without His blessings.