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Malabon Diesel Injection Service, Inc.
1GP Block16 Phase3 E1 Dagat-Dagatan Ave.,
Caloocan MM 1400

Represented by
Mario Enrico M. Bernardo
Vice President

Phone +632 8 288 6734
Fax +632 8 287 5882
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The Number1 Bosch Diesel Center in the Philippines.

Only ONE Diesel Center can provide correct and affordable diagnosis and calibration of ALL ZEXEL (formerly Diesel Kiki) electronically-controlled pumps. The WIDEST capability for Bosch pumps and injectors.

Correct service. Genuine parts. Right equipment. Best price.

Mausok? Malakas sa krudo? Low power? Tirik?!

Explore the world of diesel and discover how we can all help efficiently move people and industry.