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How the Service Information System (SIS) works for you

Your top technician just flew to Saudi!

Will you survive the day with just you and your junior technicians?

KTS user

Aside from reliability and durability, the best feature that separates a Bosch KTS from a China or Korean-made unit is the Service Information System, or SIS. After scanning the unit for errors or faults, you naturally will proceed with the repair. But do you have the information to do just that?

With the KTS, you can repair with confidence! Trust us...it's a shop saver!

Sample Capability

The 30-minute ECU test. For example, the KTS 5-series can diagnose these on the:

Mercedez Benz E320
2005 - Present (You have this much capability for diagnosing BMWs, Volvos, Rovers, etc.)


  1. diagnosis/bus systems
  2. lighting static ALWR
  3. electronic brake system SBC
  4. central driver side electronics
  5. passenger side electronics
  6. heater/airconditioner
  7. engine management Motronic ME
  8. running gear/steering adaptive suspension system
  9. convenience electronics
  10. passenger and driver side seat memory
  11. sunroof operating panel
  12. electronic ignition lock
  13. park distance control
  14. driver information CD
  15. electronic energy management
  16. airbag
  17. instrument cluster
  18. tire monitoring system
  19. belt tensioner
  20. transmission control electronic gear selector lever
  21. transmission control EGS
  22. transmission control 5/7 speed automatic

Accord 2.4i V-Tec
January 2000 to October 2006

  1. diagnosis/bus systems gateway
  2. engine Management PGM-Fi
  3. transmission control 4/5-speed automatic transmission
  4. airbag AB
  5. instrumentation Instrument cluster
  6. anti-lock braking system ABS
  7. central locking CL
  8. convenience electronics Electric windows lifter
  9. wiper system Wiper control
  10. lighting light function