KTS 570: Eco-tech Autoserve

NINETY years after the first Bosch repair workshop opened and coinciding with the 125th anniversary of the Bosch Group, Bosch opened up a full-specification car service center in Antipolo, Rizal.


 The Bosch Eco-Tech paved the way for the establishment of modern workshops that are fully equipped to address the growing technical needs of Filipino motorists.

"Bosch has been in the automotive business for more than 100 years," says Jin Algarate, proprietor of the newly established Eco-Tech workshop. "Any car enthusiast would know that Bosch helped develop the modern-day vehicle. That is why we are proud to be business partners with the company.

The recently launched Bosch Car Service (BCS) workshop was built with special consideration for the Bosch workshop concept.

From structure and corporate design, to service bays and technical facilies -- Algarate has incorporated German specifications into his workshop in order to serve a wider variety of European, American/Continental and Asian vehicles including performance cars.


The new facility located along Sumulong Highway in Antipolo is designated by a signature two-pole BCS pylon and features a meticulous facade reminiscent of BCS outlets in Germany that display the distinct blue and white Bosch corporate identification on Frieze signages.

The Eco-tech BCS is equipped with an 11-car service area with two 2-post lifts plus another 4-post lift. It provides around-the-wheel services like tire changing and balancing as well as wireless and laser-type alignment.

The new premier workshop also has the latest Bosch KTS570 diagnostic machine with oscilloscope that is capable of analyzing electronic errors and performance testing of sensors. These include wheel speed sensors of ABS and ESP, crankshaft and cam angle sensors (engine ignition timing and firing order), SRS impact sensor, alternator sensors and oxygen sensors. The KTS570 can also perform actuator testing of fuel injectors and verious solenoid valves and control servos, adding to total workshop capability.

"Eco-Tech takes on the philosophy of achieving efficiency through power. Engines that do not perform optimally care not efficient, and therefore, consume more fuel and produce more (CO2) emissions," explains Algarate, in line with the Bosch downsizing concept that helps small-displacement engines achieve higher optimum settings -- that unknown to many vehicle owners - -reduce fuel consumption.

Safety inspection of vehicle suspension, steering, brakes, clutch and tires are also provided at Eco-tech, which now carries a complete line of Bosch components from sparkplugs and fuel injectors -- to braking, wiping, lighting and filtration systems.
Owners Jennifer Algarate and Jay Cortez (in center) with Diesel King Relationship Officer Evelyn Pabalate and Shop Supervisor Ronaldo dela Cruz.


Jay Cortez doing step-by-step diagnosis on a VW Caravelle using the Bosch KTS570.