Zexel 15NP and Diesel Kiki 5NP: Automedics

Is it often that we meet a Filipino General Motors Company engineer? You know, GM in Detroit, Michigan? The home of the Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac!

And what are the chances that the Filipino engineer will go on early retirement and head back to the beautiful island of the Cebu to continue running his independent car service workshop?

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How did Total Oil distributor, taxi operator and inventor Allan Mercado of Automedics get into GM?

In the 70's, he was recommended by his professor at the Indiana State University to General Motors because he was able to fix an engine that no one knew how to fix. And he did that again in GM. There he wrote technical manuals. From being just another engineer, he wowed colleagues with his work ethics and skills that his boss told his professor something like, "Do you have students like him? I want more of him!".  Everytime they couldn't figure out something, they'd have him check and fix it.

He knew how to fix the problems because he had worked in the family's taxi business while going to high school and college and learned how to improvise. His success is mostly because he doesn't stop and sometimes he can't even sleep good if he can't figure something out. A very innovative person, he finds ordinary things and tries to apply it to make things work

And now armed with knowledge and skills to repair and maintain modern american cars, he upgraded his workshop by investing in the superior ECU scanner Bosch KTS570 and two (not just one!) diesel pump testbenches, the Zexel (Diesel Kiki) 15NP and 5NP.

From gas to diesel, you can expect competent service when problems are beyond ordinary. From conventional to electronic and commonrail, you will never go wrong with Automedics.

Owner Allan Mercado discussing the VW's issues with Roberto "Obet" Bernardo.

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Is that diesel of yours smokin'? Check Engine lamp turned on?

Lopez Jaena Street, Subangdaku,
(Infront of Cebu Atlantic Hardware)
Mandaue City, Cebu
Phone 032.316.0819
Owner: Mr. Allan Mercado