KTS 570: DBS Auto Care

Aside from being the home of the Hundred Islands, this beautiful town is also home to Bosch Car Service workshop DBS Auto Care.


The 4 hour drive from Manila was a breeze, and it's interesting to see many modern vehicles there. Just as we entered the city, there was a Mitsubishi Montero in front of us, parked on the shoulder were a bunch of Toyota Vios cars, and in the opposite lane, I counted 3 Isuzu DMax pickup trucks.

But where do they go for after-warranty repairs? Now they have an affordable option.

When that car of yours is managed by a "computer box", old school mechanics may find it hard to maintain and repair. It is nice to know that there is DBS Autocare that can provide you competent service when problems are beyond mechanical.

Owned and operated by Salvador Sanchez (aka Buddy or Bernie to friends), DBS offers premier car services, such as engine repair, under chassis repair, transmission repair, computerized ECU diagnostics for both gasoline and diesel engine using the Bosch KTS 570 scanner, computerized wheel alignment and camber correction, computerized wheel balancing, change oil and engine tune-up, nitrogen tire inflation, and car wash and detailing.

WithOUT a reliable KTS 570, troubleshooting can take days. Without a Bosch [ESI]tronic Service Information System (SIS), the repair can take weeks. With the Bosch system, your car will be up and running in just hours.

DBS was born out of passion for nice cars. Buddy simply loves cars. And all his energy is now directed at caring for your car.