KTS 570: R&E

How do you pick a taxi to ride? Do you go for convenience or safety? Do you hail the first cab you see or do you wait for one that does not look like a coffin on wheels?


Safety is something that we associate with the appearance of our ride. The better looking the taxi, the better it runs. But its not just the appearance that should make you want to hop in. The garage and what happens in it is a big factor too.

What contributes to road worthiness?

  1. The company has been operating one of the biggest taxi fleets in the Philippines for many decades.
  2. They change their units on a regular basis.
  3. The owners love cars and know that the Bosch KTS570 is important to diagnose problems early -- whether its their new Ferrari or new Hyundai Accent and Toyota Vios taxis.

Going home to the family or to a special meeting, when your schedule will permit, just patiently wait a little more for an R&E.

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