Free ECU Diagnosis

Free Electronic Control Unit (ECU/Computer Box) Diagnosis -- Reading OBDII Fault/Erasing fault code(s)

Is the Check Engine lamp lit again? Do you suspect hidden problems with your Subic or Port Irene SUV?

Are you thinking of buying a used car? Tirik?!

mdp scanning promo feb2012 BB

From February 21 to 29, Malabon Diesel, Diesel King and Malabon Diesel - Pampanga will be providing a fault scanning service for most cars, light trucks, AUVs and SUVs: European, Asian/Japanese, American.

Featuring the professional Bosch KT310 and KTS570. What can take seasoned mechanics a week just to identify can be confirmed in minutes with Bosch state-of-the-art equipment. With the (1) Bosch [ESI]tronic Service Information System, (2) our experience and (3) reliable technical support, repairs can be completed in no time, every time!

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