KTS 570: Ben Calibration

Googling Ben Flores, we found a listing for a car repair and service company in San Diego, California. Is this our Ben Flores? Not!

Who has not heard of Mang Ben Flores of Ben Calibration? The long line of trophies and plaques that fill one side of his office wall show not just an excellent marksman, BUT a person who continuously masters new knowledge and skill to remain very much ahead of the pack.

Mang Ben scanning a Toyota Fortuner for errors.


Mang Ben has acquired the Bosch KTS570 ECU scanner to diagnose new diesel vehicles. Its nice to know that the Bosch unit was an easy pick over the dozens of cheap China-made scanners available on the internet. A diesel specialist known for quality repairs complemented by a reliable, durable KTS570 with superior aftermarket technical support. A worthy sidekick of a real diesel expert.

With the pretty wife Susan and daughter, the family runs the most advance and reliable diesel calibration shop in the Batangas-Laguna area. So, when you are down south and you feel something wrong with your diesel or even gasoline vehicle, make a quick pit stop at Ben Calibration.

Trivia: Ben Flores bought Roberto "Obet" Bernardo's very first Bosch testbench...and it is still being used today. Now that is one durable piece of equipment!

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Flores, with senior Bosch Diagnostic Equipment officer Joel Alibanto and Diesel King shop supervisor Ronaldo dela Cruz.


See the "Check Engine" lamp turn on? Please call:
175 Bo. San Rafael, Maharlika H-way
San Pablo City, Laguna 4000
Telefax (049) 562-0940 and 562-1408